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Propeller Series   - hrs012 -   $237.99
Propeller Series
All of the Propeller holds in this sweet package!
Three jugs; big, huge, and giant, offering up handfuls and handfuls and handfuls of fun! The Propeller Crimps and The Propeller Pair combined with the Propeller Giant Jug for the whole Propeller collection. Great for start holds, finish holds, dynos, and everything in between.
...sculpted by Vincent Cocciolone
  • 3 holds; big, huge, and giant plus five medium holds.
  • pictured here in white with red, yellow, blue, and green layers, and with a white Soft Back, and black/yellow/black
  • SoftBack is recommended
Currently not in stock!
Can be custom casted and
shipped within one week.
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