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The Wall Pack   - hp0050 -   $0.00
The Wall Pack
A hand picked selection of various holds from our catalog. Over 50, 100 or 200! So if you're not sure exactly what you need, in a hurry, whatever... no worries. We can hook you up with a random pack.

50 Pack Includes:
  • 3 large size handholds
    (each hold about 1 to 1¾ lbs or .5 to .8 kg)
  • 12 medium size handholds
    (each hold about ½ to ⅔ lbs or .23 to .3 kg)
  • 23 small size handholds
    (each hold about 2½ to 3¼ oz or 70 to 90 g)
  • 12 footholds
  • And we'll also throw in a handful of screw-on holds. Bonus!

Note: Quantities will be doubled or quadrupled for 100 and 200 wall packs.
Note: Holds with SoftBacks will be included when possible, but is not guaranteed. Holds shown in the picture are representative of those included in this package.
Same day shipping available!
(Note: In-stock items may be any color
and may or may not have SoftBack)

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