The V5.12 Hangboard Returns and Refunds Policy
Combining beauty, style, curves, and textures to make one truly bad ass hangboard.
Elegant and efficient training for climbing, over just about any doorway.

This hangboard is great for all climbers who want to increase their strength and endurance. Best for beginner to intermediate climbers pushing the grades up into the V5 and 5.12 range. Hence the name. A perfect balance of grip variations from big friendly jugs to small slopy crimps, with some sweet comfy pinches to boot.

Everything about the design is brilliant. The aesthetics and functionality are each superb in their own right, and then they come together seamlessly into a true masterpiece of hangboards.
sculpted by... Vincent Cocciolone

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And here's some more sweet pictures...

So many sweet color and color combinations

Beautiful colors

Gray pinch close up

Gray rails close up

The turquoise and black swirl... nice...

... and a close up

In heavy use... chalky

Allison hangs on one of the later prototypes. V5.11

In somebody's apartment kitchen doorway

on the racks

more on the racks

and even more on the racks!

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